Hello, I’m Robbie.

I am a UX Designer with a focus on
Research, UX Writing, & Design Interactions.

Through a collaborative, user-centered, iterative design process,
I simplify users' lives by creating thoughtful and meaningful experiences.


Repeat Roses



Mobile & Web

Alpha Decoder



My journey has seen many successes and some failures. I've used those experiences, both positive and challenging, as learning opportunities for growth and development. Some of the most valuable ones are the interactions and relationships I've built with others. While working in various industries, I've had the opportunity to gain a more global and holistic view towards the different types of users I now create for.

I started translating technical information to others when I was in Boy Scouts. I haven't stopped since. As a special education teacher I taught Universal Design methodologies, administered tests and analyzed datasets to inform decisions, and through scaffolding and visual representation, broke down complicated concepts for all learners to succeed.

With a background in Graphic Design and Digital Arts, I learned the trade and practice of projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. Working as an art director in the publishing industry, I focused on content and typography. During my free time I like to be a photographer, maker, bike rider, sketcher, cooker, and learner.

I poured drinks for over 12 years. With an honest and open personality, I quickly understood my audience, resulting in empathetic conversations, rational decisions, anticipating customer needs, and the ability to adapt my language and style to different customers.